2021 Covid Guidelines

UpdatedSaturday January 16, 2021 byMolly Bryant.

2021 Covid Guidelines

Last Updated 1/16/2021

2021 COVID-10 Indoor Practice Guidelines


Dugout, Bring It and The Box


  1. No non-participatory parents will be allowed inside practice facilities – Instructors only
  2. All players and instructors must wear a face-mask at all times during indoor practice and should use hand sanitizer before and after practice.
  3. Squads cannot exceed a total of more than 10 individuals (instructors and players) inside a facility at any time.  If a squad has more than that total they will need to plan on a split-squad practice.
  4. Instructors are required to take attendance.
  5. Squads should use their own baseballs/equipment and not use items that may be available at the facility.
  6. The use of catcher’s equipment is limited to a player’s personal gear, or 1 team set = 1 player per practice.  Catchers helmet should be sanitized before next practice.
  7. Players and instructors should do their best to maintain 6 feet of social distance from all other participants.
  8. Any players or instructors that display any symptoms should not attend practice.
  9. Any player/instructor that comes in close contact with someone that tests positive should follow CDC guidelines on quarantining before returning to practice.
  10. Any instructor/coach that tests positive should notify JoAnne immediately at contact@stcbaseball.com, President and VP of St. Charles Baseball will be notified by JoAnne and plan for next steps.
  11. If and when the state returns to Tier II we will notify instructors when we will shift to allow for full team practices.
  12. If a squad violates the above policy, this can result in a head instructor suspension of up to two weeks from participating with his/her squad



Strikers (Fields)


  1. All rules above apply unless different from the below:
  2. Squads cannot exceed a total of more than 15 individuals (instructors and players) inside a facility at any time.  If a squad has more than that total they will need to plan on a split-squad practice
  3. Players/Coaches are to arrive 15 minutes early to session start.  
  4. Players/Coaches are to enter the main door, go past the main desk to the check in area and enter the north balcony. Please wait there until instructed to continue down the stairs toward the field.
  5. Players/Coaches are to stay close to the wall as they head to their locker room as another group will be on the field. 
  6. There will be assigned locker rooms for you to store your gear.  No gear aside from gloves, masks and balls are to be kept on the field.
  7. Players must bring their own water bottles.
  8. Locker room clean-up is mandatory.  Please don't leave any water bottles or other trash in the locker rooms. After each group, anything left in the locker room will be thrown in trash.
  9. No Seeds. No Gum. No Candy. No Soda/Sweet Drinks. Essentially, if it's sweet & sticky, it's not allowed on the field.
  10. For shoes, players need to wear "turf", rubber molded cleats or regular gym shoes. No metal spikes.
  11. There are no waiting in main areas or observation due to limited capacity. You can arrive 15 minutes early, park and enter the South Deck (main door, immediate left) for pick up purposes. 
  12. Parents are not allowed on the practice field unless escorted by a Coach or Trainer.



Strikers (Tunnels)


Same rules as Strikers Fields except only 3 individuals allowed in each tunnel at a time for a total of six individuals in the tunnel space at once.Any additional individuals should wait outside the building and facilitate a one in one out cadence.