2021 Covid Guidelines

UpdatedTuesday April 13, 2021 byMolly Bryant.

Updated Covid Policies--4/6/2021


  • St. Charles baseball will follow guidelines issued from the STC Park District and D303
  • All players must have a waiver form on file
  • Any person inside any baseball field/facility must wear a face mask, including coaches, players, and spectators that fully cover both mouth and nose when 6' of distancing cannot be maintained (benches, dugouts, sidelines, etc.)
  • Parents should take temperature of players before practices and games, if a player exhibits any symptoms they should remain home and not participate in any team activities
  • Parents should notify the league of any possible COVID-19 situations with immediate family members at contact@stcbaseball.com so the league can follow up with Kane County Health Department
  • Players should not share personal equipment such as helmets, bats, water bottles, etc.
  • Families are encouraged to supply their players with hand sanitizer for before and after practices/games.
  • Parents should drop-off and pick-up players from practices and remain outside of the facility during practices.
  • Areas immediately behind backstops and dugouts, including bleachers will not be available for spectators during games.  Spectators are encouraged to be bring their own chairs and should sit past the end of dugouts in foul territory and maintain 6' of distancing from anyone not in their immediate family/those who live in their household.
  • Team snacks, the use of gum and seeds, and spitting is prohibited.

Players & Coaches

  • Social distancing should be observed by coaches and players as much as possible.
  • Coaches and players should wear face coverings on the bench and in the dugout when 6' of distancing cannot be maintained.  
  • Equipment bags should be spaced out and hung along fencing on outside of dugout area
  • Outside of the baseballs and catcher’s gear equipment personal items should not be shared. If equipment must be shared, proper sanitation will be administered by coaches between users such as by using Clorox or Lysol wipes on equipment.
  • When possible, areas behind the backstop and dugouts will be used as extended dugout space for players and coaches during games.  Players are encouraged to bring their own chairs or buckets to sit on when bleachers are not available at those fields.
  • Coaches should plan practices with drills and stations that keep players spread out as much as possible and utilize all space on the field.
  • Coaches are required to take attendance at all practices and games.
  • Players and coaches are discouraged from using traditional high-5s, fist bumps, etc. and should use alternative ways to celebrate (example: hat wave at end of game).