UpdatedSunday March 22, 2020 bySt Charles Youth Baseball.

UPDATE:  3/22

As of today, in a situation that is evolving at a very rapid pace, St Charles Youth Baseball is delaying the start of this season.  We will continue to look to, and follow, the lead of our state and local government resources (D303 and Park District) in addition to the CDC to provide direction in when we can safely bring baseball back to St Charles.  As of right now, we don't have a defined start date, but we will move forward as soon as we possibly can.  Rest assured we anticipate having a season this year (kids are going to want to play and we anticipate giving them that platform) for our developmental league, for our competitive league, for our tournament teams and for our regional teams. 

The good players are going back to the court in China and baseball players are taking the field again in Korea.  We got this - Just do your part in flattening the curve.

UPDATE:  3/18

Given the escalation of COVID-19 in the US over the last few days, the STC Youth Baseball Board continues to evaluate what makes sense for the safety of players and the community. 

At this time, we are going to suspend all STC Baseball activities including clinics, camps, practices, coaches meetings, etc

We are working on rescheduling all suspended events and will communicate make-up dates at a later time.

STC Baseball is still committed to starting the Spring In-house season on April 17th for all leagues except Rookie T-Ball (that league begins later as it is).  However, we are also working on a contingency plan in the event we have to delay the start of the season. 

We are taking this day-by-day, and are working with D303, the STC Park District and other affiliates organizations and will communicate with you all again soon.

Again, as of now, all STC Baseball activities are suspended until further notice

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC's websitehere.