Rookie Rules

Updated Sunday April 8, 2018 by St. Charles Youth Baseball.

An instructive, non-competitive youth baseball league for players who are 4 to 6 years of age.


  1. Score shall not be kept.
  2. Umpires are not provided for this division.
  3. Coaches from both teams shall officiate in a cooperative and a good sportsmanship-like fashion.
  4. Game time limits shall be enforced.
    1. All games shall not exceed ninety (90) minutes in duration.
    2. No new inning (top of an inning) shall start after seventy-five (75) minutes have elapsed.
  5. The infield fly rule shall not be enforced.


  1. A team at bat consists of its full roster batting each of the first 3 innings.
  2. Any innings played after the first three will conclude with three outs or the full roster batting.
  3. The subsequent batter will bat next inning.
  4. No bunting, striking out or walks.
  5. Each batted ball will result in the batter and any base runners attempting to reach the next base.
    1. Advancing more than one base is prohibited, even on overthrows.
    2. If the entire line up bats in an inning, at no time is the last batter permitted to keep running to home. Coaches will ensure that each runner and batter advance only one base. Play will be stopped and the members of each team that are on the field will return to their respective dugouts.


  1. Managers are responsible to ensure that all players are rotated to different positions.
  2. No child shall play the same position more than 1 inning per game.
  3. Managers and coaches are allowed to assist the players on the field during the games.
  4. Players will play regular baseball infield positions.
  5. Stacking the infield with extra players will not be permitted.
  6. Any extra fielders will assume a position in the outfield grass.
  7. A catcher is permitted as long as they wear a catcher's mask.
  8. No player shall sit more than one inning.
  9. All players must play the infield and outfield equally.


  1. Feet-first sliding into bases is allowed with proper instruction.
  2. No lead-offs or stealing.


  1. Rookie league is coach pitch only.
  2. A hitting tee must be used after 5 pitches to ensure the movement of the game. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Pitching position must wear a batting helmet and will play next to the pitching coach.
  4. Coach pitches are recommended to be delivered from the knee position.

2018 Rookie Rules.pdf