Spring Ball - Rules and Regulations

Updated Wednesday August 23, 2017 by Saint Charles Youth Baseball.

Saint Charles Youth Baseball General Field and Game Rules 

  1. No “On-Deck” Batters for Rookie or Bantam
  2. All coaches must be in the dugout when the ball is in play on all fields (except in the divisions where coaches are allowed on the field for instructional purposes).
  3. There must always be at least one roster coach in the dugout at all times.
  4. All scheduled start times will be the official time kept in order to keep games moving forward.
  5. It is up to the umpires and managers to be aware of the time when starting or finishing their game (see division specific time limits).
  6. No metal jewelry including earrings allowed except medical bracelets.
  7. A player may be called up to help field a team, the player must come from a lower level recreational league.
  8. Bat regulations:  2 5/8 only (NO big barrel).  Bat must be stamped approved for tee-ball or/BPF 1.15 or USSSA or BB Core or approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball.
  9. A pitcher must be removed after hitting 2 batters in the same inning or a total of 3 batters in the game.                                                                    

Please refer to the PDF attachments for rules specific to each age group/league below.  Also, please note: All leagues play Saint Charles Youth Baseball rules except for Pony.  Pony plays by Geneva Baseball's rules which are posted below as "Pony Rules".                    

Player Evaluations (All Minor Players and Up)

Player Evaluations are held to facilitate a fair draft process.   They are used to allow an equal distribution of players across teams. Since there are no drafts for Rookie or Bantam divisions, no tryouts are conducted for these divisions. If a player is approved to play up, they will automatically be approved to play up for fall baseball. 

Age Requirements and "Play Ups" (All Levels)

All players must meet the minimum and maximum age requirement for their league.  A player's age as of August 31st of that year will be used to determine age.   Try outs for "play-ups" occur for the spring season.  Please see the Important Dates section for the date of "play up" try outs.  Play ups are available for all ages, but must be approved by the league Commissioner and STCYB Board.