Our Board

Updated Sunday November 26, 2017 by St Charles Youth Baseball.

Board Officers

Title Member Email Address
President Eric Achtien eric.achtien@stcbaseball.com
Vice President Mike Fugarino mike.fugarino@stcbaseball.com
Secretary Molly Bryant molly.bryant@stcbaseball.com
Treasurer Mike Scialo mike.scialo@stcbaseball.com
Executive Director of
Logistics and Operations
Kathie Travis kathie.travis@stcbaseball.com
Director of
Player Development
Bill Cantrell bill.cantrell@stcbaseball.com
Member at Large Tim Travis tim.travis@stc.baseball.com

Board Commissioners

Title Member Email Address
Rookie Commissioner Matt Grubich matt.grubich@stcbaseball.com
Bantam Commissioner Jason Denk jason.denk@stcbaseball.com
Minor Commissioner Brian Moline brian.moline@stcbaseball.com
Major Commissioner Bryan Kay bryan.kay@stcbaseball.com
Pony Commissioner Dan Flynn dan.flynn@stcbaseball.com

Board Directors

Title Member Email Address
Director of Equipment Mike Fugarino mike.fugarino@stcbaseball.com
Director of
Promotion and Marketing
Ashley D'Amato ashley.damato@stcbaseball.com
Director of
Promotion and Marketing
Brian Moline brian.moline@stcbaseball.com
Director of Public Relations Molly Bryant molly.bryant@stcbaseball.com
Director of Scheduling Raul Lauracuente raul.lauracuente@stc.baseball.com
Director of Technology Gerry Jacobus gerry.jacobus@stcbaseball.com
Director of Uniforms Molly Bryant molly.bryant@stcbaseball.com